Scott's unapologetic commitment to the authority of God's Word, the power of the Gospel, reliance on the Holy Spirit, careful exposition of Scripture and personal integrity that make him a conduit for God's transformative power to work in the hearts of people.

- Pastor Robert Dawson, FBC Lake Park, Georgia

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God said we are "more than conquerors."  But...
Is that your experience?
Hey there, friend,

Have you ever found yourself frustrated in your Christian life?

It's like, you know deep down there's more to your Christian walk...
But you feel stuck, unable to tap into the fullness of life God promises? 

I was right there with you. 

Personal struggles, spiritual battles, and the pressures of life had me feeling defeated. 

Even in the ministry.

But I refused to settle. 

I turned to the one source of unshakeable truth—the Bible. 

What I discovered transformed my life, and it can transform yours too.

Introducing Victorology: Say Goodbye to Spiritual Failure and Live the Overcomer’s Life!
This isn't just another book; it's a roadmap to victory. 

Here’s why Victorology is your essential guide to living the victorious Christian life:
Tested and Proven: 

These principles aren’t theories. They’ve been tested in my own life and in the lives of hundreds of Christians I’ve studied and ministered to. 

This isn’t just my journey; it's a shared experience of transformation and triumph.
Biblical Foundation: 

Every insight in this book is derived from the infallible, inerrant Word of God. Scripture is our guide, given by God to help us know Him, enjoy Him forever, and live a life that pleases Him. 

These truths are your keys to unlocking a life of joy, purpose, and victory.
Endorsements from Experience: 

Over the decades, I've preached these truths to thousands. 

The feedback has been overwhelming—a constant stream of emails, DMs, letters, and cards from believers who have heard me teach these truths and experienced profound life changes.

 They echo the same sentiment: a paradigm shift and newfound freedom.
What You'll Discover in Victorology:
Vivid Analogies and Practical Applications

You'll find relatable stories and practical steps to implement these life-changing principles in your daily walk.
Scriptural Nuggets and Insights

Each chapter is packed with biblical truths that will deepen your understanding and fortify your faith.
Humor and Prophetic Teaching

Engage with teachings that are not only insightful but also entertaining and deeply prophetic, motivating you to take action.

Comprehensive Approach

From overcoming personal struggles and managing finances to using praise as a weapon and maintaining purity, this book covers every aspect of living victoriously.
Why This Book Is For You:
You’re Tired of Spiritual Mediocrity...

You know there's more to your faith, and you’re ready to experience it.

You Desire Practical Guidance...

This book offers actionable steps that you can start applying immediately.

You Seek Biblical Truths...

Ground your life in unshakeable scriptural principles.

You Want Lasting Transformation...

Move beyond temporary fixes to profound, lasting change.
Your Victory Matters. There's No Time To Waste.
It’s time to say goodbye to spiritual failure and embrace the life of an overcomer. 

Join the thousands who have already experienced the freedom and victory that come from living out these truths. 

Don’t wait—start your journey today and unlock the victorious life God has for you.

Grab your copy of Victorology now and begin your transformation.

You won’t be the same!

With you on this journey,

Scott Newton Smith
About The Author
I’m Scott Newton Smith, and I’ve been preaching since the age of 16. 

Later, God revealed a call on my life to be an itinerant preacher, specifically as a revivalist and conference speaker with a view toward teaching many of the truths found in this book. 

This call has delivered the honor, by God's grace, of preaching and teaching in thousands of churches for nearly three decades.

I've seen firsthand the power of these principles in transforming lives across the globe. 

My journey has been one of constant learning and growth, and now, I’m excited to share these insights with you.

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